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About Our School

Hi and Welcome!

We’re thrilled to share our passion for martial arts with you. For some, our Warren Martial Arts school might seem like all the rest – just another place to get fit and learn self-defense - but to us it’s so much more!

There’s no doubt that you’ll get into the absolute best shape of your life, but you’ll see some other “subtle” changes start to happen too. More often than not, they’re life-changing to our new students. When you train in our programs, your life will never be the same many good ways!

Here are just a few of those life-changing benefits that our students experience...

Soaring Confidence

Learning new skills of any kind is difficult. One of the first things both children AND adults notice while training is that those super-star kung fu moves you see in the movies don’t happen without some serious work.

As you practice, and put yourself to the test physically and mentally, you’ll realize that with all your hard work, your instructor’s guidance, and consistently showing up - you are capable of crushing your goals more than you know! This sense of achievement gives our students soaring confidence.

As you learn kicking, striking and other self-defense moves - or even how to do a push up for the first time - you’ll smile big and feel happy about the person you’re becoming. We love seeing this trait develop in our students.

Tremendous Focus

Martial Arts is great fun! You’ll learn all kinds of new skills and techniques like striking drills, defensive moves, and cardio drills. When you learn a new skill, you have to listen carefully and concentrate on what the instructor is saying, then perform what he taught you.

What’s cool is that this intense concentration naturally carries over into all other areas of your life as you develop single-pointed focus. It’s one of the most amazing side-effects of martial arts - many call it getting in the zone, unlocking your untapped potential, or peak performance.

Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure - you’ll learn how to focus your mind and perform tasks you once thought were impossible.

Totally Fit and Toned

Each class is loaded with fun and challenging exercises. But because you're so focused on performing techniques, and having so much fun, you hardly notice it. Before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts, you got a great workout, too.

Being physically fit also boosts energy, mental clarity, and confidence.

Family and Friends

We're a tight-knit group here. And our members and instructors are all about support and friendship. We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation.

We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation. It's truly a great experience to share and care.

Loads of Fun

Working out and having fun? Yup! Our classes are a blast! Martial arts is a way of life for us and we want you to have a prosperous life too. We work hard, but we play hard too.

Did you know that the average adult laughs only about 20 times per day? Our classes strive to make you a high achiever in every way - including your mental well-being.

Laughing and smiling are part of every class here, as are high fives and TONS of support.

Ready to try us out? We’ll make it super easy for you.

Simply scroll up to the top of this page and click on the program that's right for you. When you click on the program, you’ll learn all about our secret web-special too!

If you're more comfortable signing up over the phone, give us a call. We’d love to chat: (814)779-2053

All of us here look forward to meeting you in person!

Nathan Sherman

Nathan Sherman, Founder
Integrity Martial Arts Academy
(814) 779-2053

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